GaZal Sung

Ga of the Zal Tribe, Strongest of the Tuuf


Goliath Barbarian


GaZal Sung is the exception to most of the rules of the Tribes of Tuuf. All Tuuf are Human, Elven, or Half-Elven; Sung is a Goliath. Most of the Tuuf were born as Tuuf. Sung was not; he is from the Southern part of Lendaria, and that is all that is the beginning and end of all known history of him. Most Tuuf warriors fight with natural weapons: clubs and great mauls, but Sung fights with one of the few swords in all the Tribes: a Fullblade almost as large as he is. Most of the Tuuf have speak common in a heavy accent; Sung, when he does speak, does so fluently. Many of the heroes in the Tuuf have served in the Royal Army. Sung never did.

But in one way, Sung is the consummate Tuuf: he has fierce loyalties to his tribe, the Tuuf, and the Royal Confederation. In that order.

GaZal Sung

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