Marshall James Olyn

Supreme Commander of the Royal Army


Human Warlord (Resourceful)
Fights with thrown weapons and grenade-like weapons.


Marshall James Olyn is not just a career officer of the Royal Army, he is THE career officer of the Royal Army. He is originally from Port Souelle but after around 10 years of service in the Royal Army, applied to transfer his citizenship to New Garadon. Normally, this would have been denied of a non-magic user, but he was a Knight in the Royal Army, and was an alchemist of some note… before the term “hero” started to be used in The Northern Kingdoms, people began to recognize that Olyn was quite a unique and powerful individual.

Two years ago, when the current Marshall of the Royal Army retired, there was pressure on King Garad to appoint someone who wasn’t just a pawn of New Garadon. General Olyn, with his unique background, and apolitical stance was a natural choice.

Marshall James Olyn

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