The Chronicles of Krell: Tales of L'Tanas


“…Torun Fareiss Saruth!”

A middle-aged male voice rings out firmly in the dark, grey stone room; the final incantations of a spell resounding forth, as several brilliant motes of magical energy fade slowly over a wooden desk set against one of the walls. In the dim light of a candle burning on the desk, a feathered quill can now be seen moving rapidly over a long roll of parchment, occasionally pausing to dip itself into an ink well to replenish itself for further recording. The source of the voice steps into the glow of the candle, revealing a balding man clothed in dark brown robes. He clears his voice once as he seemingly addresses the quill darting across the parchment before him.

“Initiate recording, on this second Shadyn of Bahadrius, the Fifth year of the Age of Heroes. Viewpoint dictation established to Andorn Albright, Head Librarian of the Library of Krell, located in the city of Krell on the continent of Tesseril; granted authority to utilize the ‘Narratus Arcanum’ spell, copyright two-thousand forty-three to inventor Farsworth Greensward, under established Library protocols for investigation of current events. Access level to record set at Librarian status and above, with allowances given for direct permission to others.” The Head Librarian recites these words drily, giving the air of having done similar variants countless times before for other recordings. He shakes his head amusedly as he runs a hand through what is left of his greying hair; thinking to himself of all the other things, more important things, that he could be doing right now besides…this. Andorn bends over to check the parchment, seeing the quill just finish writing “…-that he could be doing right now besides…this.” The Head Librarian winces, remembering that the idiotic gnome that invented this bloody spell included third-person thought narration in the spell parameters.

Oh well, he sighs internally/externally-on-paper to himself, might as well get on with this nonsense. Andorn turns to face the only other occupant of this dark room, sitting in a rather hard-looking wooden chair, illuminated by a mote of shining white light hanging a couple feet in the air above it. He clasps his hands behind his back as he strides slowly towards the individual, with the mien of an individual with just enough patience to tolerate only an iota of tomfoolery. As the Head Librarian does so, he has time to measure the creature sitting on the chair before him. It does not take long, for a short lizardfolk is the current occupant of the chair, dangling its legs over the side of the seat as it nervously wrings its claws together. Well…a kobold would be a better description, he thinks to himself as he draws closer to it. Andorn circles slowly around the chair, skirting an intricately carved mandolin resting near the kobold. Confusion and worry seems to grace the scaly snoot of the lizardfolk, as it tries to follow the movement of the Head Librarian in his interrogative-like demeanor. Eventually, Andorn stops before the creature, pausing briefly as if in thought.

“So tell me…kobold,” the Head Librarian says. “What do you call yourself? I am sure that you must have a name of some sort.” The lizardfolk cocks its head at him, shifting uncomfortably on the seat; causing several shiny objects attached to its leather jerkin to jingle slightly, the magical light above momentarily illuminating various tools, pouches, and even a fiery-hued lock of hair.

“Err…Deekin be calledses Deekin, methinkses.” The kobold speaks in a high-pitched reptilian chatter, lisping occasionally as it speaks in Common. “Well…most of the timeses. Deekin has also been called many other thingses, mostly nasty thingses and most of those come from a really mean half-orcses, oh yes!” Andorn rubs his temples as the kobold makes its introduction, trying valiantly to stave off the burgeoning headache that this tangent-spouting creature probably will cause. He waves off the creature’s tangent with a dismissive gesture of his hand, bending forward to look at it seriously.

“Yes, yes, that is well and good…Deekin,” the Head Librarian says semi-disinterestedly. “Do you know why you are here?” he asks the lizardfolk.

“Well…Deekin be not entirely sure. Is it to give Deekin and Deekin’s friendses food and shinies?” it asks, pausing momentarily in its claw-wringing to look at him with hope and curiosity. Andorn slides puts his palm over his face, sliding it away slowly with exasperation in response.

“For the love of- NO, you idiotic half-brai-” Andorn begins to shout, but stops himself shortly. Taking a deep breath, he continues in a more moderate tone. “Deekin, you are here because The Scribe himself wants to know the exact reason why IN-THE-NINE-HELLS three islands, no, three CONTINENTS just BLOODY APPEARED off the coast of Krell!” The Head Librarian’s voice raising towards the end in incredulity of the situation warranting this current investigation. The kobold startles back slightly into its chair, causing a light ‘twang’ from the mandolin resting against it. As Andorn pauses slightly to recollect himself, the kobold chuckles softly to itself as it bends down to grasp its instrument.

“Why, Deekin can tell angry-bald manses about that, oh yes!” the kobold says as it strums a claw across the instrument, momentarily filling the room with the sound. “In fact, Deekin has made a most epic tale about it, oh yes! Let’ses see, how does it startses?” it asks itself. The kobold begins picking out a tune on the mandolin, and starts singing in its reptilian chittering voice.

It had appeared that Andorn’s valiant effort was most certainly in vain.

Unbegun Turmoil: The Story Begins
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Our heroes Polonius, Paladin of Pelor; Pariah the Warforged; and Narum the Shardmind appeared in town almost as if from thin air. As they entered the tavern that was their destination, the Red Sparrow, the patrons stopped and gaped openly at the three as they entered one by one.

Each of them a lone figure, they were none too keen to form a group together to take on this challenge they had signed up for, but as three weapons were probably better than one, they together took upon themselves the task of determining the whereabouts of the bandits plaguing the denizens of Far Vale.

Armed with a map and a general idea of the area from which people never return, the three heroes set out to learn as much as they could.

Encountering the massive group of bandits consisting of a motley crew of elves, humans, and dwarves took little time. The three looked like marks to the team of eight bandits, but it became clear as only the three ringleaders of the thieves were standing that the heroes were not ones to trifle with.

After cutting down the dwarf and human as they tried to escape, Polonius wrestled the half-elf to the ground and tied her up.

After divulging all she knew about the base of operations, which was very little—she was a contract employee, and relinquishing her map of the area, Narum asked her a question she had not been expecting, “Life is precious and you seem to be wasting yours. Why should I let you live?” Unable to provide a suitable answer, the leader is dispatched along with her comrades.

After tracking down the base and sneaking inside under the cover of darkness, the heroes are able to gather more intelligence from some unsuspecting off-duty 2nd-floor guards. (“Twice as good as the ones on the first floor, I’ll bet.” remarked Pariah) It seemed that the Nexxuss, the group of people running the operations were in the basement…and big trouble was brewing as the three adventurers soon discovered.

Walking into the laboratory, the adventurers found three powerful Mages casting a summoning circle. The heroes couldn’t be sure what was being summoned, but with the number of bones and bits of flesh in the middle, it certainly wasn’t candy.

Interrupting the summoning circle with a gigantic (if ultimately flawed due to a crit. fail) burst of psionic energy, Narum was able to scare off the mages—even if they seemed to be incredibly strong, judging by how they were able to shrug off an incredible show of force by Pariah. The three mages teleported away, but not before sicking the festering mass of undead enemies on the three heroes.

After a difficult victory over their deformed cadaver enemies, the heroes were able to determine that the Nexxuss was far more than it seemed. This had been a major importer of ritual components that were incredibly illegal and incredibly nefarious. Pocketing a meticulous ledger of expenses, a number of ritual components, vials of unknown potions, and a curious little book that was, seemingly unnecessarily heavily locked, the adventurers returned to the town to report their findings after destroying the keep with the vial of what they later learned was Alchemist’s Acid appropriately applied to several support pillars.

The vials, it seemed, had been a part of a set of items that were once commonly sold as a variety pack by the Nobysko corporation, a long since defunct company whose warehouse was located a few days travel away. In gratitude for their service to the town, their principal awarded them 200 gold each. In Polonius’s case, it was in the form of a “Donation to the Church of Pelor”; In Narum’s case, it was in the form of knowledge (access to the finest scribes in town…aka 200 gold worth of rituals); and in Pariah’s case it was…a bag of gold.

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