The Tribes of Tuuf, while a member of the Royal Confederation are a confederation themselves. They consist of somewhere between five and seven tribes (few outside the Tuuf know for sure) that are allied together. They, in comparison to the city-states surrounding them, are quite primitive technologically. They have a shamanistic tradition and have deep roots to the Primal Spirits. They do most of their trading with the Fey , not with the other human nations.

Makeup and Organization

Unlike all of the other “Human Nations” the Tuuf are 95% human, 5% a mix of elven and half-elven. They rarely intermix with the other nations, and only very rarely will allow an elf or a half-elf to join their tribes. Most of the Half-Elves in the tribes are a result of human-elf families.

There are four tribes that are commonly known to exist: the Fet, the Uur, the Zal, and the Kep.

Organization within the tribes is both straightforward, and complex. Each tribe is led by a triad: The Strongest, The Wisest, and the Greatest.

The Strongest (the Ga) is determined by a brutal contest of strength. Anyone at any time may challenge the Strongest to a duel, and whoever remains standing is the new Strongest. Shaman may or may not heal the loser.

The Wisest (the Na) is almost always a Shaman, or at least a spiritual leader, and they decide their successor in the tribe.

The Greatest (the Sa) is chosen in a way that is unique to each tribe. The Uur chose theirs by a popular election every tenth moon. The Zal’s Greatest is directly appointed by their Strongest and Wisest.

When the tribes meet to discuss matters of import to all the Tuuf, the decision is made by a triad vote in a curious way. All of the Ga, Na, and Sa meet individually to decide the course that should be taken, and once they have consensus within their group, they vote as one.

Diplomatic Relations

While most of the Human Nations keep ambassadors at each of the other nations, none are able to keep ambassadors with the Tribes of Tuuf, due to their nomadic nature. The tribes, however, do appoint two ambassadors jointly to each of the Nations. The two appointed ambassadors (the La) are never from the same tribe.

The Tuuf are on very good diplomatic ground with the Fey Kingdom of Thodethria, and consider them to be their closest allies. They are friendly with the humans of New Garadon, primarily because they trade with them often. Their relations with everyone else tends to be somewhere between distant and slightly hostile.


Names are extremely important in Tuuf culture. A name is formed by combining the role that individual has in the tribe with their family name. So the Strongest of the Zal Tribe is GaZal Sung. His predecessor was GaZal Reesos. Before GaZal Sung became Ga of the Zal he was GeZal Sung, the Second Strongest. Before that, he was GuZal Sung, a hunter. Before they have a role in the tribe, a Tuuf only has his family name, and until he comes of age at is tenth winter, he has no name at all.


The Tuuf have rather primitive technology, favoring simple weapons: spears, bows, clubs, and simple armor: leathers and hides. There is not much metal available to the Tuuf, and what they have is highly prized. There are some suits of metal armor and some swords and axes in the Tribes, but very very little.

It is rumored that the Tuuf are illiterate. This is untrue. One of the things a Tuuf must do to earn their name is to learn to read and write. The Tuuf have little parchment, though, so it is mostly done in mud and sand, and very little written records of the Tuuf exist. The Tuuf do not highly value books and scrolls, and because of that, there are few within the tribes.


The Tuuf do not worship any in the Hestavarian order; those gods are too focused on order and civilization for their culture. Beyond that, most of the Tuuf worship the Great Spirits of the world, though some of them worship Bahamut and Kord from the Celestian order.

The Age of Heroes

The Age of Heroes has had a curious effect on the Tuuf. The Heroes that have arisen within the tribes tend to rapidly move their way into leadership positions: either Ga, Na, or Sa. Like many independently-minded adventurers, some have left their homes in the Tribes and gone to seek their forture in the world. If they leave with the blessing of their tribe, they are given the honorific Zu at the beginning of their name. If for some reason they are exiled… they’re name could be anything.

The Strongest of the Strongest, the Wisest of the Wisest, and the Greatest of the Greatest make up a ruling triad of the Tuuf and represent them with the Royal Confederation. All of them are heroes:

GaZal Sung
NaUur Taem
SaKep Chokk


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