DM: Zach
Ruleset: 4e

This is the homepage for Zach’s Neverwinter Campaign. More information to come.

The vast majority (if not all) of this game will take place within The Savage North area of Lendaria, focused around the City of Neverwinter. These pages will be up and updated soon.


Ruleset: 4e; nearly anything is allowed. BUT, your character MUST fit within the world and the story. So if you want to be a Shardmind Psion… you better give me a damn good reason why. Heroes of the Fallen Lands style characters are acceptable.

I want most if not all the party to choose from one of the many Character Themes at least as a basis of their character’s backstory. You don’t have to use everything word for word, but the primary purpose and goals and aspirations should be what your character is looking to do in the Savage North. Frankly, without something along these lines, there’s very little reason for anyone to go here. It’s not a happy place! That being said – if you have another interesting idea that fits the RP, I’m completely willing to discuss it.

Starting level: level 3.

Plot Hook

The characters have traveled or returned to the city of Neverwinter, 10 years after the new Lord Protector, Dagult Neverember, installed himself as regent of the nearly destroyed city. Refugees have been slowly returning, but most are barely given a place to live unless they are artisans, merchants, or tradesmen. The city itself isn’t entirely thriving, but it has seen worse days. The eastern sections of the city are mostly protected by mercenaries and sellswords hired by Lord Neverember. The western sections are still mostly savage or at least unguarded. The party has arrived in this struggling city for various reasons. Where you go from here is up to you.


This will be a completely party-driven storyline. Through the game, your characters will encounter situations and options that they will be able to choose what they want to do. For example: Lord Neverember has taken over Neverwinter. He’s not a legitimate ruler, but he has stabilized and protected the city over the last 10 years. Things are better now than they have been since the cataclysm, but will they stay that way? Will you support Neverember in his bid to become an official ruler over Neverwinter, or will you seek to overthrow him and install someone else, or maybe one of your own party (such as a Neverwinter Noble)?

One thing to keep in mind – you are Heroes. They may be more common now than in any other time in history, but this is still the Savage North. Not many people of any type come up here without specific reasons, and you will find your choices can affect the area drastically.


Mix of RP and combat, slightly higher emphasis on RP since things will be heavily party driven, and your choices will affect the area around you. Most people you encounter can be allies or enemies depending on your choices.


Coming soon


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