The City of Krell


The City of Krell sits along the southern coast of Tesseril adjacent to the Sea of Elaren, directly north from the uninhabited Isle of Doors. While the borders of Krell are essentially limited to the confines of the river delta on which it sits, the naval authority of Krell spans almost the entirety of the Sea of Elaren.


Krell serves as a major port of trade in southern Tesseril, as the city sits on one of the few places where the oceanic currents can be safely accessed from the Sea of Elaren. Due to this, there is a strong naval presence in Krell, along with a well-organized town-guard that oversees trade and enforcement of law within the city’s borders.

Military Defenses:

Krell lies on a stable parcel of land amidst a river delta, fed by The Greater Tarn, that empties into the Sea of Elaren from the north. Due to this, attack and invasion from the surrounding land is limited to several well-guarded causeways and bridges. Based upon this, the military power of Krell is focused more on the Navy, rather than ground forces. Several fleets of ships are docked amongst the tiny islands that make up the delta around Krell, ready to be launched at a moments notice.


Krell is one of the major places in Tesseril for goods and services to be exchanged. Its location further enhances the imporantance of Krell in inter-continental trade relations with Lendaria. Goods are shipped down The Greater Tarn from countries farther north in Tesseril, to be sold and sent to other locations in Krovus. Even traders from cities in Lendaria make the yearly trek by ship to Krell to gain insight into the current state of the trading market.

Political Organization:

The City of Krell is governed by The Tribunal, made up of representatives from the merchant guilds, citizenry, and The Library of Krell. This tribunal establishes and maintains the laws that govern Krell and those that trade within its borders. Three individuals represent all of the merchant guilds within the city, three representatives are elected by popular vote to stand for the citizens of the town, and one representative stands for the The Library of Krell. Representatives serve a 4-year term, and may only serve 2 terms in their respective lifetimes.

The City:

The Library of Krell

The Domestic Quarter

The northern part of the city contains the majority of the residential area for the non-military citizens of Krell. Due to the diverse nature of Krell’s trade and traffic, there is an approximately equal distribution of any race that exists in Krovus. Interracial disputes may arise, but are usually quelled quickly by the swift action of the Guard that watch the city.

The Merchant’s Quarter

The southern portion of Krell hosts all of the merchant guilds within the city, serving also as the location where most of the markets and trading sessions are held. Conflict between rival merchant guilds are common here, with some disputes ranging from petty vandalism to outright violence. It is here that the Guard of Krell sees most of its action, occasionally requiring the assistance of Heroes to provide aid in the more dire of conflicts.

The Judge’s Quarter

The eastern portion of Krell contains all of the military barracks, as well as the courts and buildings for tribunal use. Little is known about many of the buildings in these areas beyond the military barracks and some of the courts, as The Tribunal keeps much of their actions secret from outside knowledge.

Diplomatic Relations

The City of Krell is recognized as its own country, despite the size of the city. Due to the neutral stance that The Tribunal maintains for the city, many countries throughout Tesseril and beyond call upon The Tribunal for arbitration of disputes and other issues requiring mediation. Many of the most renown diplomats in Krovus have some ties to the Tribunal of Krell, or at the very least had the start to their careers within the courts of the city.


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