Eladrin Swordmage (7)

Str 10
Dex 8
Con 17
Wis 12
Int 19
Cha 14

HP: 68
Surge Value: 14
Surges/Day: 11

Initiative +2
Speed 6
Passive Insight 21
Passive Perception 14
Low-light vision

Defenses (look at the gear and see what they provide)
AC 23
Fortitude 18
Reflex 19
Will 20

BAB +10 (str)
+10 (int) + weapon

Skills =Trained
Acrobatics +2 Insight +11
Arcana +14 Intimidate +3
Athletics +3 Nature +9
Bluff +5 Perception +4
Diplomacy +10 Religion +7
Dungeoneering +4 Stealth +2
Endurance +6 Streetwise +5
Heal +4 Thievery +2
History +14

(6) 2 Amulet of Protection (2 ref, fort, will)
Longsword of force +2
daily: after a hit, can slide target 1 square and constrained until the end of next round
philosopher’s crown
daily free check if I don’t like a check (of the right type) then I can reroll it
(5) Fey Strike +1
Power (Encounter): Standard Action: Melee Basic Attack with Range of 20 (yes, melee attack with a range) Daily Power Free Action:
If you hit a target within 10 squares, teleport him to a spot next to you.
(4) Bold Victory +1
Power (Encounter): Free Action. Trigger: You or an ally within 5 squares of you bloodies an enemy.
Effect: The attacker gains a +2 power bonus to AC until the end of his or her next turn.
(3) Gauntlets of Arcane Might:
When you hit an enemy marked by you with an arcane attack power, gain 2 Temp HP

Adventurer’s Gear
Climber’s Gear
Sunrod x3

Residuum: 123gp
Gold: 802gp

1: Retributive Shield, 2: Student of sword magic, 4: Ritual caster

Aegis of shielding

At will:
Booming blade, Lightning lure

(racial) Fey step, 1: Chilling blow, Dimensional Vortex, 7: Isolating Slam—

1 Frost Backlash, Whirling blade, 5: Deep Freeze, Evervating Slash

2: Channeling Shield, 6: Unicorn’s Touch (Encounter, Minor, Close burst 1, heal 5+con)

Life of politics: +2 insight


Battlefield Elocution (More Rituals.pdf)
Create campsite (PHB2)
Animal Messenger (PHB)



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