Hit Points and Misc.:
Max: 53
Bloodied: 26
Surge Value: 13
Surges/day: 7
Initiative: +8
Passive Insight: 21
Passive Perception: 21
Speed: 6
Language: Common, Elven

Ability Scores:
STR 10
DEX 20
CON 11
INT 12
WIS 16

AC 23
Fort 17
Ref 22
Will 19

Basic Unarmed Melee (13, 1d10+9 damage)
Implement Power (10)
Flurry of Blows (5 damage)

Skills (Trained = * )
*Acrobatics (13)
Arcana (4)
*Athletics (8)
Bluff (2)
Diplomacy (2)
Dungeoneering (6)
Endurance (3)
Heal (6)
History (4)
*Insight (11)
Intimidate (2)
Nature (6)
*Perception (11)
*Religion (9)
Stealth (8)
Streetwise (2)
Thievery (8)

Unarmored Agility (+2 AC with cloth/unarmored)
Melee Training (Dexterity used for basic melee attacks)
Improved Monk Unarmed Strike (Improve damage die to 1d10)
Deadly Draw (Gain combat advantage against enemies you slide/pull)
Improvised Style (Gain Proficiency with Improvised Weapons, Apply Ki Focus to Atk/Dmg, Increase to 1d6 damage)

Background Bonus:
‘Inquisitive Awareness’: You don’t grant combat advantage when surprised, and can take a standard action during an enemy’s surprise round.


Class Feature:

Centered Flurry of Blows
Free Action, Melee 1
Trigger: Hit with an attack during your turn
Target: One creature
Effect: Target takes 2 + WIS and you slide it 1 square to a square adjacent to you, or slide it 1 square in any direction if the target was not the target of the triggering attack.
Special: This feature can only be used one time per round.

Dancing Cobra
(Attack Technique: Melee Touch, Dex vs. Ref, 1d10+Dex and add WIS if target AOO you this turn. Increase to 2d10 at level 21.)

(Movement Technique: Move speed + 2.)

Dragon’s Tail
(Attack Technique: Melee touch, Dex vs. Fort, 1d6+DEX and knock target prone. Increase to 2d6 at level 21.)

(Movement Technique: Swap places with one ally or one prone enemy)

Five Storms
(Attack Technique: Clost burst 1, each enemy that can be seen in burst. Dex vs. Ref, 1d8+DEX. Increase to 2d8 at level 21.)

(Movement Technique: Shift 2 squares.)

Laughing Wind
(Attack Technique: Melee touch, Dex vs. Fort, 2d8+DEX. Until start of next turn, can slide any enemy that ends its turn adjacent to you a # of squares equal to WIS.)

(Movement Technique: Until start of next turn, gain +2 power bonus to all defenses against AOO. Then move your speed.)

Springing Drake Assault
(Attack Technique: Melee Touch, Dex vs. Reflex, 2d10+DEX and slide target 2 squares.)

(Movement Technique: Jump to any square adjacent to a creature adjacent to you. This doesn’t provoke AOO.)

Strike the Avalanche
(Attack Technique: Melee Touch, Dex vs. Reflex, 2d10+DEX and slide primary target a number of squares equal to WIS modifier. Make a secondary attack at Burst 1 centered on primary target: Dex vs. Fortitude, hit results in secondary targets being knocked prone.)

(Movement Technique: Move speed + 2. During this movement you do not provoke attacks of opportunity.)

Masterful Spiral
(Close burst 2, each enemy in burst, Dex vs. Reflex. 3d8+DEX force damage and miss for half. Effect: Assume the Spiral Stance. Until ends, reach with melee touch attacks increases by 1.)

Supreme Avalanche Combination
(Melee Touch, Dex vs. Fort. 3d10+DEX damage and miss for half. Effect: until end of encounter gain plus 2 power bonus to dmg rolls against target, and can slide it 1 square whenever you hit it with an attack. If that attack already includes forced movement, increase distance by 1 instead of sliding as aforementioned. )

Agile Recovery
(At Will, minor action: stand up from prone.)

Airborne Form
(Daily, Stance, Minor action: +2 speed, insubstantial while moving, may move through enemy spaces)

Magic Items:
Mindstone (Ki Focus +2)

(+1 AC/Reflex, Refer to item page for details)

Bloodthread Cloth Armor +1

(Level 4 item, Cloth, Property: When bloodied, gain +2 item bonus to AC/saving throws.)

Iron Armbands of Power (H)

(Level 6 item, Arms slot, gain +2 item bonus to melee damage rolls)

Safewing Amulet +1

Escape Tattoo

(Lvl 3 item, Tattoo, when a non-minion creature inflicts a critical on you that deals damage you may teleport 3 squares as a free action)

Potion of Clarity

Miscellaneous Items:
Climber’s Kit
Adventurer’s Kit


Name: Gareth
Age: 20
Race: Human

Description: 5’10 and leaning on the thin/gangly side, Gareth is fair-skinned, has piercing green eyes, and has a shaved head customary to his monastic order. A birthmark shaped like Ioun’s holy symbol lies on his right arm.

Personality: Somewhat ‘sheltered’ due to growing up in a cloistered environment, Gareth is a bit naive when it comes to everyday life. Despite this, he is extraordinarily inquisitive/curious about anything he doesn’t know, which tends to lead him into mischief more often than not. Has an odd habit of answering questions with questions.

Job: Acolyte of the Hestavarian Order

Weapons and Armor: Wears white and light orange monk’s robes bearing Ioun’s symbol, with a thick leather-bound tome hanging off his belt. Does not carry any obvious weapons.

Known Information: ‘Volunteered’ by the Hestavarian Order in Coronus to work for Mayor Varien, and has been doing so for the past six months. Originally from a small hamlet outside of Jovus, Gareth was raised for the majority of his life within the Joint Mission of Celevar. For some reason, he was transferred to the Hestavarian Temple in Coronus a year-and-a-half prior to working with Varien.


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